Retired Armed Robber

by Japreme Magnetic



released July 28, 2017

* Rhymes: Japreme Magnetic.
* Produced, mixed and cover design: John Banes.
* Engineered: Danny "Dank" Charnley (Listen Vision studio DC).
* Additional rhymes: Kasim Allah - No Religion.
Additional rhymes: Queen Divinity - Underground Hip-Hop.
* Additional production: Lord Lael - Shotgun on a Budget.
Spectacular RGM.



all rights reserved


Japreme Magnetic Washington, D.C.

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Track Name: Just When I Retired

"Just When I Retired"
And I took that stick-up mask off
My ol Earth done told me
That they're gonna cut her gas off.

Shotgun and a shoulder
Blast the door up off the hinges the speed of the slug is tremendous
Black RGM leather jackets
With the matching patches
1911 that Remington manufactured feels really good in my hands
Expand to 12-gauges
Georgie Benton boxing footage which never ceases to amaze me
You can be the god emcee
I be the God of my own destiny beloved
I thought about the reflection of Dubar
Justice Allah Knowledge and Siheem
While riding in a used car
Almighty Japreme Magnetic
Righteous soldier
With an autoloader
Setting on a sofa smoking reefer underneath a Hagler poster
Focused on financials
Handles of her floral-patterned Gucci handbag is made out of bamboo
Punch you through the stucco
I get a newer firearm with every track we upload.

"Just When I Retired"
And I took that stick-up mask off
My ol Earth done told me
That they're gonna cut her gas off.

I dreamt of my reaction that somebody had shot me
Judging from the impact and the blood on my Huaraches
To the best of my knowledge a .22 was the weapon
The shock of being hit
Didn't distorted my time-perception
No regrets I showed and proved immense self-control
By putting a thumb in the bullet entry and exit holes
I strolled into Howard university emergency from 14th and Kennedy (street)
G-Wagon burgundy
I woke from my rest upon a love-seat with a fabric
That of Dandy
The Book of Life and semi-automatic was on the coffee table the jay was in the ash tray
("Respect the Grey")
Any day can be your last day upon this planet
Bamas be taking shit for granted
I came inside her mouth
Curled my toes then grabbed my
Planted some cannabis seeds in Denver Colorado
14th and Colorado extended magazines and hollows.
Track Name: The Fresh One
Banking on bio-tech with a better gun connection focused
Shot him up at close-range
His body laid motionless
People watched in horror
Reminding themselves that nobody is promised tomorrow
I'm not a sparring partner
Fuck a glock 42
Or any other .380 them bitches be always jamming
Polo sweater paisley
General cannabis also terra tech is corporate
Remington model 1911 is the four-fifth
Stick-up kid retiree
Northwest DC is my home
Punish you

"The rhythm of the rebel with power to run/you know what it is/The Fresh One" ~ Markie Fresh

Walking towards you I'm while simultaneously discharging
Ammo with a fury for every artist who's starving
True and living God of the ghetto
Fuck a halo
Rimless bottleneck cartridges
7.62 NATO
In a tornado with molecules and also matter
Rhymes providing adequate stopping power to rappers Spectacular RGM
Chin made of granite
People covered up in blood
Moments of panic
Hiding behind the partition didn't stop the ammunition
My rhymes are written in the red letter edition
Black and griffin-grey
Northface boots with installation
Megatron firearm transformation into a Walther P38
Dirty face serial number
I used to write Quixota from a prison slumber.

"Friends, buddies and homegirls/now everybody witness how I rock the world". ~ Dj Mark the 45 King

You came out of retirement for wrong all the wrong reasons
Tarnished your reputation while taking a terrible beating
My tats are older than you younging "Thugs Love It"
Rhyming with my hand around your throat as I rose above 6
Rugged as I does this rocking Dickie work coats
Gangsterism Dutch Schultz
I-God is the culture I'm a man not a vulture
Velcro strap attachment on that black and beautiful belly gun holster
Sculptures of the JM
In the smithsonian
Also in London Righteous GunMan RGM.

"The rhythm of the rebel with power to run/you know what it is/The Fresh One" ~ Markie Fresh
Track Name: Wisdom Bodies
Green line to the Old School boxing gym
She a fine 85%er rocking spandex And some moccasins RGM
I could've fucked near the heavy bags until I
Made her climax yet I didn't want do that to my

Wisdom-body (2x)
Sexy ass Wisdom-Bodies

I seen her first at Sugar Ray's then Triple Threat off reefer
I later learned that she's a fighter who boxes for Beaver
I rock an Old School t-shirt when initially approached her
The Flag was pinned
Close to the right
Of my left shoulder
I wanted to hold her
Teach her everything she needs to know
About being my wisdom-body I took it slow though
Condo Porsche turbo and the Boxing Store's my plight Was it déjà vu?
Then I asked her when's your next fight?

Wisdom-body (2x)
She's a young Wisdom-Body

I move with unwavering concentration
Some wisdom-bodies are solely meant for the purpose of cultivation
Cause when I smoke the grass is greener
No social media
Me and HerNature
Used lived in the heart of Medina together
I'm better than the Torah
That box of pandora (Hmm)
She's a woman and a warrior
Then I saw this skinny chic
Walking with a switch
Walking like she phat as shit and owns a small business.

Wisdom-body (2x)
Got to love them Wisdom-Bodies
Track Name: No Religion Feat. Kasim Allah
"No Religion"
That's black division
No activism
Who co-signed that decision?
To turn the other cheek
And get beat that vision
Keep sheep to sleep the wolves creep in the kitchen
Mind slavery
Divine they claim to be
Coming in the name of a god that never gave me
Nothing but hard times
People that hate me
Dictators slayed me
Blood suckers betrayed me
Tried seduce my woman's mind and find that I will stay me
Tested like Job
But the God never fold
Knowledge of self keeps the soul in control
First degree
So enroll me in your class
I'm a pass fast
Surpass them other cats that drag ass
Peace God
My block be my pulpit
Cock back spit fire got a full clip
The 85's know I'm never gonna slip
The magnetic attract and I help 'em get a grip
That's the duty of a civilized man
To kill all religion in the land.

No religion (3x)
True and living God

Supreme Mathematics Supreme Alphabet
120 Lessons 46 questions 46 answers
And 30 statements manifesting 122 degrees I was last seen
Building in a cipher rocking some 993's
I'm in love with righteousness I sang the Enlightener while lighting a spliff
Online pricing this clip
I never went to Harvard
I got supreme knowledge down Harvard street
Back then beloved I starved for degrees
Divine Cee's 1st born with Add
I used to run up on jive-percenters so I can question them on Mathematics
I'm a mathematician focused
The last I saw Scientific was down Georgia and Otis
I evaporate clouds of deception
5% immortal birth
Earth w/pussy hairs shaved to a crescent moon
I'm in tune with the righteous intellectuals (A-Alike)
Allah listening to Sunny
Playing basketball in dress shoes.

No religion (3x)
True and living God
Track Name: Calculated & Patient
Rappers are copyright infringement
Y'all not women y'all bitched
Can't fuck with
Japreme Magnetic's existence
Break his face vicious
Ice-T at the lemonade stand "read the sign. Delicious."
Will your insurance cover this?
Bullets hit their mark
23 with rubber grips
Firearm artist with your brain paint this canvas
Cannabis florist who's favorite pistol is a Taurus
You need to stop faking on his whereabouts
That amount if money's life changing
I care about investing in the Boxing Store
24 location
700+ is my credit rating
Radiating 1911's for self-protection
Jumping off the Metro bus building and discussing Lessons
Patient with the calculation
Shotgun ammunition tore his face in.

Magazine extension
Some are never coming home from prison
Gut wrenching
Die inside a Metro station basement
"Thought Form" assassination
"Calculated and Patient" (2x).

Strangulation with piano wire
"Calculated and Patient" assassins
Denzil Washington "Man on Fire"
Tired phone-tagging with this bitch already
I painted prison cells with killers called Machete
Jersey John and Huff
Busting my gun out of frustration wasn't enough
Mob Style "I Play Ruff" as shit
Quoted from Joyce Carroll Oates
"You can't play boxing" though
Fuck around and murder your coach.
Track Name: Grand Invincible Feat. Majesty Victorious
M's 1st VERSE 1:
Spit on a knuckle-sandwich and feed it to you
I rocked a one-piece jumper with a pump and a desert eagle
I ain't even starting no trouble
Mentally I disassembled then reassembled the Hubble telescope the pope kissed my handgun
He whispered "Peace to the God" in my eardrum
As I traveled through the Milky Way galaxy
The Samsung executive spoke to me saying Japreme Magnetic
Did this being patient with a line of credit
Peace to my educator Lord Lael
Went on back to the essence when I was aging in a prison cell Love Hell or Right
Light hit the tip of my spliff
It turned the shit orange
Watching tommy Hearns and micheal McCallum sparring
Study sharpness
Sparks and friction "No Religion" nor mental darkness
My physical formation is mu-fucking cosmic
"Atomic Theme" Supreme Mathematics
Born went home from the belly and sent me a package full of percolated coffee
Junk Yard Band and BG cassettes
I'm from DC Northwest
Walking up the steps in 990 new Balances
Entering the Digable planetarium within Shabazz Palaces.

Lord of all worlds.


Grand Invincible

JM's 2nd VERSE:
I'm the 5%er Najee told me that he'll teach against
He was on the street We were on the phone I was in HDM
I went up Brooklyn to seek a record deal
Caught a 9 to 18 term of incarceration Respect the real
Interstate parolee Back home to DC
3 dirty urines 3 water loads (younging)
All from smoking weed (younging)
Freedom caught a new one stabbed his bunkie with a pencil
Wrote me from the box to say he did it off of general principle
I'm not into passing judgement
Sent him $50 wrote and told him that I loved him
I'm at the Parliament
These jive-pretenders on Facebook
Smacked him with the gun-handle His mandible and face shook
Pacis had rocked a Golden Fleece
Traveling in Greece
Ferrari hit the streets
Banes was in his hide-out making beats
I was in between the balance sheets
Non-residential real estate property.

Grand Invincible
Lord of all worlds.
Track Name: Moscow
Pellets wads and powder I'll shower my foes with payloads
Lead shot consistency
She was watching TV as the TV was watching me
90 thousand pages from WikiLeaks
Enemy of the state
14th and Kennedy street
Killer beat deployment
Stick-ups were for self-employment Not for the enjoyment
Finger-fucking triggers
Military heist
Traumatizing robbery victims for life
Snipers aim at center mass Shot placement is critical
If target doesn't die
Then they will be disabled for the rest of their lives
And I empathize truly
That's unless I felt they did something to me
870 pump you body dump you Back in 1986 I wished that Flip Rock was my uncle
I was an 85
'Til 1987
Semi-homeless with a semi-auto
Mack 11
Asaan Jenkins Everlast boxing hoody
That hand-cannon is underneath it
Put your brain upon the cement
Blunted I got into the G-500 and transcended
Life and world barrels twirl back to business
Depending on the mission and the training
"Madula shot" is aiming for the triangle created
From between the eyes
Down to the corners of the mouth No surprise
I rhyme during shoot-outs.
Track Name: Shotgun on a Budget
Barehanded and chested I sculptured the sphinx in seven days
As a book written in stone
Also leveled gauges at Roman Catholic priests who orchestrated the sales of slaves
Raise you from your mental grave
The fable of Jesus Christ is a profitable superstition
Christmas is a business
Knowledge-ing my rhymes will give you confidence
I study penal codes in the metropolis
Kill a congressmen.

Built my shotgun on a budget.

Keep you in the business end of the barrel
Crushing your esophagus with flat-heads and hollow-tips
The apparel that I wore consisted of some brown and beige Timberlands
I didn't sign with Eminem I signed with Remington
District of Columbian
Spill blood
Real drugs
Pablo Escobar
Thug in the name of Allah
Coroners and foreigners
The time was 3:14 as I ate a slice of
pie formula.

Tactical shotgun training courses.

My life is not a mu-fucking celebration
Brothers in Tribulation the book of Revelation chapter one verse 9 millimeter
10 millimeter
Can't depend on guns that malfunction either
Raw papers are vegan
Reefer mixed with gunpowder ingredients I've always had a need for this [here]
Stitching up the gross and subtle bodies with Etheric tread
Hit you bullet with a bullet yeah.

Built my shotgun on a budget.
Track Name: Underground Hip Hop Feat. Queen Divinity
I learned how-to pistol whup bamas years ago on Sherman
Years before that there I used to steal gear out of Herman's
Nowadays I'm TD Ameritrading
I'm not the trader in the 1-36
You don't teach the babies shit cause you're never around them
Yeah I'm one of them 5%ers niggaz who happens rhyme astounding
Vitality Biopharma Prison dormitory porter Karma means action
Auto-loader or a sawed-off
People treat me as a penny stock investment Thus I bust my gun with excellence against the Pestilence apocalyptic
Body shots I rip it killer
I used to keep a pistol underneath my pillow rocking "La villa strangiato"
In a tenement apartment
Bulldawg revolver pistol
Get to biting shit and barking
Business property billionaire
Who looks bummy
Marijuana millionaire with no money
Japreme Magnetic.

Penny stocks and Glocks
"Underground hip-hop"
Mark 23 Not speaking biblically
Speaking bout that hecklor Koch
"Underground hip-hop"
Park the Porsche truck
Near the 54 Metro bus
Rush tee shirts I rock
"Underground hip-hop"
John Moses Browning's I pop
Drop bodies
Panties drop
"Underground hip-hop"


Penny stocks and Glocks
"Underground hip-hop"
Mark 23 Not speaking biblically
Speaking bout that hecklor Koch
"Underground hip-hop"
Park the Porsche truck
Near the 54 Metro bus
Rush tee shirts I rock
"Underground hip-hop"
John Moses Browning's I pop
Drop bodies
Panties drop
"Underground hip-hop"

JM's 2nd VERSE:
A singular tear dropped from the eye of a wildebeest
It rippled as it hit the water he saw the crocodile underneath it
The rhythm of this river ebbs and flows
I thought about my death a lot while walking off parole
Muscle memory the automatic was a semi in HBO's The Wire
I use to like the character Kimmy
I lasted through a crash of a meteor
Drinking Demi tassee cups of coffee in Singapore
Toured inside a bore of a .44 caliber
Bullets were my audience every time I rhyme I get more intense
Distance is defense
Computer servers and murderers RGM products and services
Intellect and Intra-techs I'm telekinetic
The literary significance of
Japreme Magnetic una-pot-agetically and poetically I fucking rock
"Underground Hip-Hop"!
Track Name: Stocking Mask
Fire my firearm from the shoulder
Short barrel Short stock Magazine extension
Spare ammo holder
Sight upgrade
Mounted light
Killers on mountain bikes
Catch a body for my Book of Life
Not to get his blood on my degrees
Had 'em all in plastic sleeves
Clips feed the magazines
Magazines feed the firearms
Cartier Panthère edition
Sipping coffee out of cups of styrofoam Added knowledge to the cipher right out front of AutoZone
Moral fiber stripped from hunger
Men can get murdered from hunger
And hunger alone
I'm prone to write a poem
Pertaining to Desert Eagles and ammo
Che Guevara Fidel Castro
Camouflage wallabies suede
A pair of shoes that Ghostface gave
Standing on your fucking grave
Island of Doctor Monroe with vivisection
Hit you up at the intersection
Weapons can be deadly
Hills of Beverly
Punish your favorite Hollywood celebrity
Harley-Davidson El Paso boots with abrasions
No motorcycle
Just a M1A rifle I'm aiming
Shell casings I'm embracing
Bracelet watches by Smith and Wesson synchronization with the RGM
Proper education and stocking mask
Point Break presidential
Lots of cash
Convert it into Magnetic properties
14th and Kennedy
Banging off a cock-and-squeeze.