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I love N.W. DC.
Special dedication: The 5% Nation, my Ol' Earth, Ms. Casey, Ms. Gordon, Ms. Nickens, "Prime Energy's A.R.C.", Each 1 Teach 1 Boxing, Old School boxing, 14th and Kennedy Street. #RGM


released December 5, 2014

*Recorded at: Spynehitaz Studio
*Graphic design/cover art by: John Banes
*Written, produced, engineered, mixed & arranged by: Japreme Magnetic (BMI) ** With the exception of "Uptown My Birthplace". Written & performed by Pacis & engineered by Ryan "Bread" Adams at Spynehitaz Studio. **With the exception to "Ward 4 Fortress": The beat was co-mixed by Ryan "Bread" Adams from SpynehitazHQ



all rights reserved


Japreme Magnetic Washington, D.C.

Japreme Magnetic rhymes for real.

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Track Name: Northwestern
Blow off half of the back of your head while I'm facing you
un-tractable bullets
shell casings in murder
then I vacation in Persia
with sever optimization
the serial or registration
on rifles I use decisive
mid-life crisis of the righteous
Olympiad unit
the Jewish took it there in Munich
action reaction single-action double-action bolt action
all in my raps I depict this
smells of gun-powdery thickness
handkerchiefs for decoration
prime witness extermination
self-protection defense
in addition I'm into beefing
black El Paso boots in stood in
bullets split the post that's wooden
opened he chest as expected
tore a hole in his back for the exist
Track Name: 7th Street/Georgia Avenue
Almighty Japreme
no religion
boo-koo years in prison
pretty Bolivian wisdom
wishing that she had $50 grand to give him
for business start-up
.32% mark-up
cost analysis
Ruger with 30-clip extension
"Painfully Interesting"
patent pending on the invention
investment and premises
Garfield Terrace nigga
70 bus Metro rider
Rider boots
I'll cum inside her
I'm God of the shield
perform at The Verison Center
graffiti writer Fab 5 Freddy gave an interview
on Japreme Magnetic and Lord Grand Invincible
Track Name: 16th Street Heights
She don't like me anyway
she likes bamas who eats poison animals
I "Handgun Handle It" body-punch and damage ribs
manual gear-shift on that Ferrari
in which I knows nothin' about
she's likes pork-chop Charlie niggas
she into niggas who get married under the Government
weak niggas who eats pussy
she knows I'll have no of it
15th and Decatur
Track Name: Mostly The Potomac
Gomez Selena and Justin Beaver heard the rumor
that I was chiefin' some reefer
with Julio Cesar Chavez JR.
Queen Latifah knew I was playing "Zuma"
"Cortez the Killer"
Silver Surfer Silver Haze
murderous ways and actions
builders always build
Thriller Jackson Michael
Czechoslovakian rifles
running towards you just as Hagler diod to Hearns
when he had him in the 3rd frame to finish him
"Painfully Interesting"
feeling under appreciated
drinking a Banana Chocolate Naked with other natural flavors
'bout to rob Safeway
then I thought about the present with effervescence
marijuana light flourecent
Supreme Mathematics Supreme Alphabet 120 Lessons
no second guessing when I'm manifesting excellence
Universal principle as I kissed her dimples
while holding a Grendel for self-protection
this ain't Bruno Mars
this intellect is more in depth than those who inspired Intra-Tecs
and decks of Uno cards
true and living "God Of My Own Destiny"
one with infinity
14th and Kennedy Street
he or her age discrepancy or not
I'll turn a burial plot into a marijuana crop formation
Dinobot transformation at 4 Metro station locations
bust my gun to feel the vibration
she sings that I'm her "Righteous nigga"
lyrics "Inspired By A Stripper"
I cried at night "I want to do stick-ups!"
then I thought about: Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding
financial planning
boxers who I train for the amateurs
burn you with the Titanium Toast
and I ain't talking 'bout no CD
mu-fucka this is Northwest DC
in addition
Track Name: Ward 4 Fortress
J.P. Morgan may not understand her importance of rocking pink Jordans inside a corporate boardroom
all in 3/4's looking gorgeous
bang iron for righteous causes
condominium mortgages Cayenne turbo Porsches
Dusty carrying Olympic torches
out of Old School Boxing Gym riding Rosecroft horses
paratroopers with para ordnance in accordance to my gun concordance
constellation Taurus PT 24/7 pointed at your tour bus
"Ward 4 Fortress"

"Downward Is The Only Way Forward"
with living organisms I flourish
this is lyricism fuck a chorus
Doumachy shirts with R.G.M. embroidered in a portrait
worn by Japreme Magnetic
standing on Solomon's Porches
Go-Go congo legends: Winky, Mickey, Smoke, Suace
weed grown in aquariums I communicate with dolphinssome go through nasty divorces
some go on back to prison with pistol beefs and murder charges
"Ward 4 Fortress"
Track Name: Watergate West
Mack 11 conversations
Harley Davidson El Paso boots with abrasions
they don't know if she's black or Asian
she came at me rocking a Yves Saint Laurent bath towel sexy
"Portuguese In Love" was playing by Lady Tee
her daddy owns a chain of resorts
ain't trippin' 'bout the case that I caught
I can't remember all the people I've taught (beloved)
she chose me
shall I chose her?
I bought a Ruger
a billionaire who resembles a loser
Universal Shamgaad Pin on my blazer black
the capital leasing of 90 imac's made her climax
The Actual Facts "Tonight's The Night"
she hugged me up so warm and tight
in her mind I whispered "aight"
we were at the fight of Salido verse Lomachenko
after Julio beat Vera
she was driving a g500 vehicle
I was staring out the window love is love
thinking about rolling some bud
drinking a cup of mud
Track Name: Uptown My Birthplace by Pacis
I gotta heavy sackage
package from Atlanta
556 peelin' out bananas
u know that i be snowy on the Santa
coppa headed hamma heavy in the jammaz
bitches take inches drip Tropicana
stayin' in the mix stayin' off the handle
violate face callin' me a vandal
Ruger itch y'all shit get ya' pamper
print a shirt for the work light your candles
what they need make 'em bleed get a sample
if I'm goin' random I lead by example
my brother Japreme tell a handgun'l handle
Track Name: The Divine Ceer
In West Elementary, I never thought my life will be like this with mobile devices
cause and effect of the righteous
you've better study your lessons
whether in physical copy form or PDF and
hold on God I'm manifesting

Body your aunty with that lovely .44 Magnum ultra-snubby
that's if she wants to play the murder game with me
the 10th degree in the 1 to 40's my favorite lesson
stainless steel Smith & Wesson bracelet watches