R​.​G​.​M. (Prod. by Zebulon the Griot)

by Japreme Magnetic





released October 27, 2014

Produced by: Zebulon the Griot
Recorded at: Spynehitaz Studio
Engineered by by: Ryan "Rye Bread" Adams
Lyrics written and performed by: Japreme Magnetic



all rights reserved


Japreme Magnetic Washington, D.C.

Japreme Magnetic rhymes for real.

You may listen for yourself. You may also connect with him, via Twitter, too.

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Track Name: Prime Energy's A.R.C.
Japreme Magnetic's behavior
gave her electrical currents
that's inherent in her own nature
Supreme Mathematics permeating this body
so when you touch me you probably
will get glimpses of understanding
R.G.M. engraved on Handgun Business Plans and
in a band's bassist's briefcase by Samsonite
I promote R.G.M. parties by invites
from construction sites to websites
music publishing is about exploiting your Copyrights
I'm a fighter
I do knuckle push-ups and holds
"Purified Light Perfection" I shape and mold
"Code Of The Streets" by Gangstarr
years before that came out
we were downtown F Street bombing Ansars
Track Name: FuckMakingBabies.CatchBodies
CHORUS: You can say what you (x3) Just don't put your hands on me

Standing in necropolis
popping this pistol
whistling bullets hitting you
chipping the surface of the glass perpendicular
smashing the passenger
vehicular homicide
he died inside tied in a rental
murder is not accidental
Instrumental G.F.
Mexican ses in a roll-up
hold up I'll stop your derangement
with extended range engagement
long-ranging my sniper system
men of self-protection listen
to the Old-Man's stanzas on banana clip bonanzas

HOOK: R.G.M./Fuck Making Babies Catch Bodies

Hammering iron
supplying splints for Desert Eagle wings
flying when broken
mortgage brokers shirts are soaking
wet from projectiles their collar
cracked from old rusty revolvers
that's manufactured by Ruger
shell case bottom stamped with Luger
firearms I fired
sometimes the righteous get tired
of holding down for a purpose
just and true and yet murderous
shot him twice out of frustration
the D.A. called me "an abomination"
in Brooklyn Supreme
cause I shot the boss and fled the scene, young
I'm the "Northwestern"!

Track Name: More Determination
Black Queen t-shirt
protect the women and the seeds first
the church is the devil's workshop
I'm not going to pop on each verse
Glock 17 with cicadas
"More Determination" means I need work
bust guns with the Mechanik
building on Supreme Mathematics on 14th and Buchanan
the view is panoramic
Actual Facts
you should see me Lord
grown man laying on the bed with a keyboard
with pistol ammunition
reefer is the only pot I'm pissing
"Painfully Interesting"
I help young brothers boxing
Northwest DC Washington
Smith and Wesson bracelet watches rocking
Uptown nigga out Suitland
I use to rob get money shoot men
build with my students
showing and proving that I'm improving
black Rick Rubin
Track Name: Painfully Interesting
High priest this is the type of beat that wins beat clashes
("Let me tell you something")
rifle flashes
assassins and assassination
alchemical manifestation
I taught Saint Germain with patience
operation no religion of course
just Supreme Knowledge
("Let me tell you something")
Lyn Collins no relation to Bootsy
broke my hand on a bama's rib
now the nigga wanted to come and try to shoot me
all-steel frame construction
tiger-stripped Desert E
custom shop
got many options available
inter-changable barrel length
caliber salable
variable and fixed-expenses
headshot his wall got a brain full
of cerebral spinal fluid
"Painfully Interesting"
Nightmares of Wes Craven
Rock Creek Park raccoons and ravens
pistols poppable
dropping fools
plastic gun cases that's lockable
mental optical illusion
perverted intelligence
moving slowly through
rush hour traffic
fast moving bullets kill bastards
I don't do this here for outer recognition
everybody needs to make a living
Temptation when the phoenix risen
Zeb and I met in prison while bidding
both of us were serving 18 year sentences

Righteous GunMan
Ward 4
Righteous Gunman
Righteous Gunman

The analytical study of self-realization
Felix DeJesus will translate
transliteration of the Vulgate
out of prison gates to find my rhyme book fossilized
I jive-like felt ostracized
sterilized by asteroid bombardment
I strive not to give rise to unwanted children
ashes to ashes and dust to dust
I bust nuts in the form of millennium
.44 magnum calibration
Taurus International Manufacturing
Knowledge Understanding I Master the senses
in addition
Citi Bank India Singapore Malasia Indonesia
Dubai Australia Philippines Untied States
I'm baked off reefer
[Poor Righteous Teachers with rifles]
over rifle sights I focus
interpreted the dreams of Joseph