The Richest Man In The Cemetery

by Japreme Magnetic



"The Richest Man In The Cemetery" is about the blind, deaf and dumb mentality of 85% of the population. Their gold was not received. In addition, we wanted to make a good Hip Hop album, we hope everyone enjoys it. #RGM



released December 5, 2015

Lyrics: Japreme Magnetic
Production: John Banes



all rights reserved


Japreme Magnetic Washington, D.C.

Japreme Magnetic rhymes for real.

You may listen for yourself. You may also connect with him, via Twitter, too.

Spectacular #RGM

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Track Name: The Richest Man In The Cemetery
I'm not "The Richest Man In The Cemetery"
Dead bodies with arsenic
Toxic chemistry
Mixed with berries
Arm robberies a dirty business
I don't celebrate Christmas
Nor paganistic rituals
Your grave is in the mental
Professional cemetery designer
9-millimeter pistols
Paul "the punisher" Williams
Pun with the tombstone medallion
18th century Paris
DC jail or rikers island
Cemeteries prehistoric
Northwest DC to Norway
Train my pistol at the clerk while walking backwards out the store's doorway
Assuredly I say to you
This is R.G.M.
El Paso boots by Harley-Davidson
Knowledging decomposing corpses of mourners "Standing on your Grave" again
G-500 Mercedes Benz

"The Richest Man In The Cemetery"
Didn't even need his Ferrari his body was buried next to Lazarus
Hazard lights were blinking on that Lincoln continental
I was re-listening to "Purple"
Boxing in concentric circle
"When I Hear Colors"
Arsenal of firearm variety with the length of unopened umbrellas
Niggas talking 'bout they're young thuggers
Looking like bamas
Ban on AK-47's causes a boom in sales
"Cameras and DNA" as well as "War Relation" agenda
Hollow-pointed ammunition with the post in the center
I'm the 5%er who's biochemically reconstructed
Guitar shoulder strap that's attached to that Mack-11 when I clutched it
Very profitable
Stick-up man was "Killed In a Robbery..."
Intra-Tecs are shoddy
Properly popped I'll catch a body though
You don't have to be physically dead to be the richest man in the cemetery bro
I know you're not a brawler
You's a cop calling coward
"Uncivilized person
Poison animal eater
Slave of a mental death and power"
Track Name: Customization of Caskets
Pulling triggers w/incredible speed that the pointer-finger was a blur
Alley cats rub on my leg & purr
Within their soft fur they started hissing
At the moment that I started pissing
Guns & ammunition
The shooter bodied the Uber driver
The pellets didn't keep the man alive ta'
Become a subscriber
I don't eat pussy
I don't get married under the government either
I bust guns & smoke reefer
Firearms are lethal weapons
That I connect in my Danny glover hand I'm the original man you're just a cover band
My murder's on stand-by
This is not a game mu-fucka you can die
Lying that you can fight
Yet you let a homosexual nigga chase you around the dorm w/o a knife

HOOK: customization of caskets

I'm impervious to nervousness
Memorial services
Territorial are crows that scowl
At the mere sight of an owl
Powerful music intrusive
To my collection helped by
Controlled barrel movement
An improvement to my shooting is
Washington, D.C. Weaponry
Representation Northwestern
Electric hearing protection
Paranoid war pigs black Sebastian
.44 magnum selection
Old madness connection sweater
Video by InfMega
The Thompson center omega
.50 caliber is sicing
Yet to my ego's liking
Is that standardization of the M-1 rifling
Casket customization
Picture coffin personalization [Kiss]
Assassination applications
Prison system algorithm
Life & death I mastered
R.G.M. on my casket
Track Name: $70K
The japreme magnetic Lego collection
The seers purified light perfection
Gig posters and murder weapons
Speculative commercial undertaking
Treat the silent partner as a lender guns I'm making
Boxing film study by Wilson Kayden
The power I'm generating got bamas hyperventilating
I can read the thought behind your questions
I'm more determination
And less obsession
Smith & Wesson newsletter (the ampersand)
Self-protection shoot you endeavor
I don't need the white man's approval however
Steve jobs may have respected
"buyers verses listeners"
Prisoners check it
Tell me the last time that you were hungry
Double-bunked in keep-lock
Rolling some skunk weed
Smoked the fuck out with your bunkie
Thinking back when your bail was $70 grand
And yet your bitch stole your money
Damn God


You must of really thought I was a sucker
You face feels good on my knuckles
All black timberland chukkas
Invaders of the home get the pump no pity
Round after round safe and sound capital cities
District of Columbia
Job app for gun-runners
Amsterdam falafel and hummas
I've come to the conclusion
I'm way better than you jerks
Saying I ain't trying to work yet I put in work
Build gig and sell merch
Desert eagles fly through your shirt in steady short burst
I'm versing on this project here w/o any features
Or guest appearances
Besides various strains of reefers
Before the barrels spin again
Fold grants and stack Benjamin's young
I remember when young
I had a bid to do
My bail was $75 thousand
I couldn't even get the $5 grand dude
Track Name: Diamonds In My Golden Urn (Go Off)
30 Second Unattachment chiropractic bullet-proof I'm vested
Broke w/a working .380 plus eleven bullets & I'm desperate
God why don't you get a job instead of armed robberies & body catching?
A better question's how you didn't see the Northwestern as an investment?
Polo jeans w/pocket-sized 120 lessons pocket-sized New Testament
[Met a wisdom] w/astigmatism she's so sexy w/her esoteric estrogen
Stainless steel bracelet watches that's manufactured by Smith & Wesson
I skipped your ad in 5 seconds in Neiman Marcus' Gucci section

HOOK: diamonds in my golden urn

"Dead men don't require oxygen" the breath of life is how I'm breathing
I still don't own my own apartment door to put some muh-fucking keys in
The Biz Markie is going off Simonov Kalashnikov achieving
Poor righteous teachers w/rifles off the reefer I don't like you either
[The seven] dominates the Universal flag cause the clouds can be deceiving
Nothing in this fucking life happens for lack of definite reason
Geeking cause I showed her my heavy dick which it had her pussy creaming
Made knowledge-born to the wisdom that after I'm Cumming then I'm leaving

She drank my semen
Diamonds In My Golden Urn
Track Name: Cemeteries Don't Care
Tongue inside her ass while I was rapping
Spitting some very funky shit
that's fascinating
.38 calibration
financial backing
Kiss casket
Bitch you'll get your ass kicked
You're a hypocrite showed me porn on your own phone then labeled me perverted
Keep fucking with me and you will get murdered
Trigga thoughts & target results Mental training
telepathic discipline the most sparring-est coach
Face revealing
that homeless
nowhere-to-go feeling
This is kill or be killed then

Cemeteries don't care
You are the richest man
Cemeteries don't care that you are the richest man

Garvey done went back to Africa
I rock a Rush
caress of steel tee shirt
out in Canada
Smoking weed w/William Shatner
Lit a Back in high-windage righteously I'm 5-percentage
Coffee-stained teeth Banes beats are tremendous
Did Spodify genetically modify your music?
Buyers-verses-Listners' a global movement [RGM]
Digital shipping charts Sticking & moving Bobbing & weaving
Counter-punching or leading Effectively offsetting your breathing
Oil sheik from Saudi Arabia
Knowledge-born nigga Self or savior
Track Name: Firearm On My Dresser
This Jennifer Hudson dresser doesn't belong to me really the gun has a body on it
'Bout to put another body on it kill me in the studio jam master jay
I display oneness
The gospel of barnabas is engraved
upon a leather shoulder holster
Sound-suppressor is on the dresser
The epistle on pistols is on the sofa
I-God is my culture not Islam
Stayed out Suitland w/man & his moms
14th & Kennedy-hearted
Harm I ward off
protection of the home w/a sawed-off
Scatter gun
What the fucks the matter young?
Berkeley made of walnut to match the Super-Match's M-1 rifle stock
Pianos rocking in the backdrop
Glock 17 w/cecadas
Copenhagen base is stainless steel made in North Dakota
I gave her
lessons for the Earth's development cause I'm endless
Taught her 11 verse 7 in the book of Leviticus

Gun on my dresser (3x)
I got a gun on my dresser

Anders dresser made in Vermont
Vegetarian restaurants
Travel the world
Barrels twirl
Noyse Box rocks the proper fonts
to the video's edit
Japreme Magnetic's athletic energetic kinetic
far from dormant
Building on this line-of-credit
9-18 prison sentence yet I don't regret it
151 months of straight incarceration
Out for 11 weeks
15-month parole violation
I'll do more than hurt you
Murder you
Nigga fuck your curfew
Rock a cardigan R.G.M. sweater in purple
You bamas can't even imagine
I'm old school DC
Ibex Little Tarven
Gun on the dresser
Body-shot investor
Walk him down boxing behind the jab
Lots of pressure

Gun on my dresser (3x)
I got a gun on my dresser

Dresser with the wood base on the Linear got pistols on top of it
Hit the stage Rocking shit!
The richest man in the cemetery I met him
in the form of 85% of the populace
She came to the boxing gym
W/a thong on
w/some silver Lebron's on
W/this song on
Firearm on the dresser
Track Name: Desolation
[Eating tangerines
Playing the tambourine
Almighty Japreme
Dancing with Ben Vereem]

I wrote this from a state of destruction
Complete emptiness
Anguish misery
Banes production
Without sacrificing virgins
Murdering men
From war relation
To northwestern
Smith and Wesson black tactical chronometers
Legal proceedings
Geneva bank lists
Spliffs of reefer
Smoking Ses with Ganesh in East Indian forest of isolation
Bitches need to save the wigs for cancer patients
Trigger safeties I endow
Nas and puff daddy you can hate me now

Pistol safeguard
Whistle past the graveyard
Trails and tribulations
True and living God
Pistol safeguard
Whistle past the graveyard
True and living God

The desolation of the dragon in the hobbit
Golden goblet
Ruger with the interlocking mechanism on the trigger
Microscopic to telescopic
I envigor the healing process back when original wise got shot on mofit
And Wilson
Bullets kilt men
Or at least it changed their appearance
Japreme magnetic a.k.a. Perseverance
Just-ice the desolate one
I invest in guns ammunition and rifle stock
Box in orthodox stances
Praying mantis
Understanding-born I fast and build
I take advantage of the solitary skill
Of her hills and mountains
This righteous gunman
With one hand
Bras I unfasten
Imaging Porsche station wagons
Parked in front of a log cabin
Fucking the shit out of her


Sadness Sorrow and depression
Broken-heartedness wretchedness
Banes is my chief 2nd
My direction is onmi
My gangster dates back to the 1920's
With a tommy gun
Spun 100 rounds in 8 seconds
Georgia avenue and military road intersection
White boys drunk off lager
Staggering to the door
Saying japreme Magnetic is the best emcee that they ever saw


Son of a forgotten king walking in loneliness
Penning poems of this Desolation and homelessness
Fuck the phony shit
Behold the righteous soldier
I will fuck you up even though I'm much older
Treeless landscape barren wasteland
Deserts cover 14 million square miles of land
Contraband of marijuana
Nirvana come as you are
Kobayoshi picked up Kiser Sosa in a jaguar
I sat alone in a day room while I watched it
Missiles with internal radar pilots in the cockpit
I had a dream about alligators and spiders
Woke up to a book of life and wrote about a lonely tiger
Straight out if he jungle brothers' album cover
Mid-life crisis
Poor righteous teachers with rifles
Track Name: Build
Depending on the level of disrespect I'll shoot you or only Old School box you
YouTube you
R.G.M. Musical as usual
I traveled w/o a carpool
To Allah school in Mecca
Do the knowledge to
Shaamgaud the Universal
Every minute math term & angle
The developmental stages of the judicial system in Solomon's child
1 Kings 3rd chapter
W/that sword of justice used to settle matters
Washington DC weaponry
The compass square
A square and a set of compasses
Free Masonry
Galaxy M83 pertains to the 7 chakras
As below is above as above is below that's correspondence
Star clusters
Your non-sense
I don't have time for
Righteousness is what I rhyme for

Broke the Guinness book of records
Ran a mile in 7 seconds
My physical frame is made of polymer
Gone back to the essence
rocking Fendi
Henry rifle w/the lever & semis-automatics
Run up in the Bugatti dealership
Point that p-89 w/30 clip
to the manager
And bodied 3 bodyguards
rob Money Mayweather
Just to get my shit together for that start-up capital I have an aptitude for stick-ups
fixing pick-ups on guitars
The groundskeeper of the graveyard
Rented a bungalow out in Thailand
Writing a strategic business plan
Porsche cayenne turbo vehicles
Pistol w/my initials engraved
The pinnacle
Fuck mental enslavement
Eating raisins w/a raven amazing
14th and Kennedy street
Tassel crowns and 993's
Track Name: Credit And Collateral
My only time on TV
Or going close to viral
Was when I got arrested for busting my pistol
Bullets spiral
Bullets tumble and crumble walls of the abdominal
This beat is phenomenal
Came home no credit nor collateral
However in a battle I move laterally
.380 calibration ACP
Glock 42
Bopping down the block with fortitude

Most black CEO's are just faces in white owned corporations
The anti-ballistic missile
Pistols with small calibration
Incarceration completely
Did I let the system beat me?
I strive not to show it
Yet I'll be physically dead before you know it
Even though it's winter season
I purchased a pair of some North Face boots for no mu-fucking reason
Marijuana breathing
99% oxidation saturation
I shadow box in combinations

Guitar driven
Rock inspiration is the RGM
Assassination when we're targeting men
Who are prominent
"War Relation" "The Correspondent"
Dominant intelligence
Financial leverages
Bustelo beverages
Pistol whupped him 'til the handle broke off
On his broke jaw
The biography of Japreme Magnetic written by Thomas Brokaw
The computer hackers are winning
13th and Emerson Lake and Palmer "From the Beginning"
Rocking super Timberlands


14 year prison veteran
14th and Kennedy street
Younging I fucks with this beat here
Allah's Mathematician and I see clear
Grey hair on my nuts
Get off my dick
"Picture me Rolling" with Pac or doing stick-ups with a Glock
Chil Rob G the "Future Shock"
I got a lot of chronic joint inflammation
Still I'm confrontational
So inspirational when I build on science
I go to rest with that ski mask on
I'm in compliance

Track Name: Killa Content
I poured some granola cereal in the golden bowl of revelations
Got knowledge in Lord's basement
Base I used to pump
I can't tell you how the crack is cooked
Replied to your email on a stolen Mac book
Professional assassin Leon rocked high-watered pants
Plus he loved Matilda drinking milk and his plant
I'm about the advancement
Congrats on the win
I wrote this w/a firing pin
Smoking grass laying on some grass
Animals grazed in the pasture
I finish what I started bastard
Back the fuck up
Intra-Tec is on the shoulder
Rode the X-2 bus to Minnesota avenue
I'm much older than the wisdom-body
Her relatives don't like me cause I have no religion probably
I'm the true & living God not a phony
Facebook didn't change my name to Toby

Life and death have no partnership
Re-lit the clip I hit it 4 times
Hot coffee I sipped
I put the jay out
I rip rhymes
This here happens all the time
Same pain in the knee
since I was 9
Same pain in the shoulder
since I was 14 (14th & Kennedy)
Divine Cee grind
Knowledge and experience
Killa Content

Black spandex cap
on my noggin
3 miles
in 10 minutes I'm jogging
Bust guns armed robbing
Deep frown of concentration spiking my energy
Laboratory for physics
Carbon dating
Almighty Japreme
14th & Kennedy
Pistol w/the silencer attachment's for the remedy
I need some more marijuana
Bitch better have my money Rihanna
Prana energetic
Japreme Magnetic
Gatorade and Jews
Peruvian festival
Eating vegetables
Gorillas are vegetarians
I read books yet I'm not a librarian
The Aquarian go-spell
Love hell or right
Danger around every corner I train my fighters to fight
Train my boxers to box
I'm not a rasta
I'm not an imposter
I rock a smooth righteous-nigga posture
This universal slim dude
Living off of boxing gym dues
Death will betray you
Pacis says I'm eclectic
Allah world manifested

Life and death have no partnership
Re-lit the clip I hit it 4 times
Hot coffee I sipped
I put the jay out
I rip rhymes
This here happens all the time
Same pain in the knee
since I was 9
Same pain in the shoulder
since I was 14 (14th & Kennedy)
Divine Cee grind
Knowledge and experience
Killa Content

Put an entertainment attorney
On a hospital gurney
Disappear & reappear to rock stages in Germany
No burgundy cape on
I rhyme napalm
Same age as jay Puff maybe ghost and Raekwon
If Dr. Oz
Said that the Blackman is God
He'd probably lose his mu-fucking job nigga
I should've been on
Starving artist syndrome
I never owned a Roland or a Linndrum
It's cheaper
For me to keep the reefer
She's a dick-teaser
Silver bullets
Bob seager
Killa Content
Track Name: RGM'n
Farm-buildings peeping out among the trees
I stood between the mountain & the sea
Then re-quoted the freedom-cipher degree
I envisioned g500's in burgundy
Hopefully no enemy or spy was observing me
Garvin put me on to Wallabees in '83
Maybe it was 1984
George Orwell
Big brother google and a box of .44 shells
Analytical and critical thinking
Dr octopus tentacles
Bear-hugging a Lincoln
Ppl look at me as if contagious
Which is outrages
I'm 12 jewels and 12 gauges
I change the wind's direction & the temperature
African safaris off a business venture
She want'a squeeze my butt when I cum inside her
First I must civilize her then I'll oblige her
No I'm not aqualung we're not friends
I showed her my heavy dick now we're kool again
I'm not a hooligan I rock the party and
Don't believe the hype I'll catch a body and
I read and write a lot
You rather purchase nike tennis shoes instead of Nike stock

I wore a crown with that tassel spinning
Rocking rock tee shirts
Track Name: Thugs Love It
Throw your dead body in the national harbor
Murdered over an argument
iPhone charger
Kill your partner in a tatto parlor
Rhyme-wave author
Ben Grimm it's time to clobber
Naw I didn't fuck lady gaga
Barbara your son's an armed robber
Died the same age as the father
Beat you with a RGM trophy
Big mike bourbons & impalas
I'm righteous I'm not holy
Yeah I need money Yeah I need pussy
I rhyme as if this life depended on it yet you still don't know me
Deadly instruments are not little toys
The devil planted fear in you when you was a little boy

Uncle Lynsey died in prison
P89 with the 30-clip extension
Thugs love it
That's why you don't respect my vision
Thugs love it
Now I'm on a murder mission

Beat you with the stock of a sks Russian
You'll be Apollo creed
Fuck a concision
Shoot you in the stomach just to bust out your guts and
Turkey and stuffing
This 5%er ain't bluffing
Fuck the idle chatter
What I had on didn't even matter
I'll firearm and hammer you bamas
You rappers just copy and paste
Punch you in the face
Take your glock out of your waist
Bitches be running fast as shit
Their wigs about to fall off
Blasting my saw-off
Coughing hashish and tag-hashes
I mastered slow & fast gases
Beat you bad leaving gashes
I assassinated assassins immensely
I fully understand that you were conspiring against me

Uncle Lynsey died in prison
P89 with the 30-clip extension
Thugs love it
That's why you don't respect my vision
Thugs love it
Now I'm on a murder mission

Joan behind my back if you want to
A man and a gun do
You don't want to get shot again fool
No animal cruelty
East Indian gambit
Leave you in the black hills budos bandit
Ramayana monkeys tiger asics desert eagles
Mountain eagles and eaglets
Coffee and equal
The only reason that I'm alive
cause I'm not suicidal
I'm homicidal with a gun handle I'll beat you
Handgun handle it
I'm not a racist
Broke his body bad in 3 places
Building on commercial property with Dusty (30th!)
This here is deeper than the devil's luxury
Muddy construction timberlands
Dominican Republic
Rock that full-metal jacket
Thugs love it
Track Name: The Richest Man In The Cemetery Part II
The Richest Man In The Cemetery part two
Guns and harpoons
Light in dark rooms
The Richest Man In The Cemetery part two
Guns and harpoons
Light in dark wombs

Barrels gave ammo striations
Gave your organs lacerations
Violently outrageous
Rib cages get cracked
Black that heart for wages
Pages of these ageless epics
Of bloodshed
I bled to death on records
No need
For investigations from detectives
Lexus coupe
Flotation devices
I'm priceless
Baby girl I'm righteous
Still I bring my steel to build in certain ciphers
Lifers wished they had the blue pill
In Brother
The movie
To kill 'em smoothly
I'm choosey
I don't chose them Uzi's
I move with Rugers
Maneuver in used Mercury Cougars
True and living God Upanishads Indians
Black Kurt Russell Soldier Todd
The simian grip on the rod
My description
Is finance and ammunition
That fits in
Magazine lengthy
Gently load up 30 when it's empty
Imported from Brazil
The international Taurus I'll simply
Send them stick-up chicks at you
Their asses phat
Their tit tis natural
Cashew is their complexion
The book of the dead Egyptian
The book of the dead Tibetan
I have no burial rituals
When I'm burying pistols with bodies on 'em
Bugatties and marijuana