30 Second Unattachment

by Japreme Magnetic



The timely execution of a quality decision. #RGM


Verse One:
Pistol butts I'm grasping/palming her ass without asking/I don't carry jonts by Lorcin/look over my shoulder often/mastering Mathematics/how is an introvert charismatic?/When I rock live bastard/I'm not the fairy tale version, this is Japreme magnetic/use that jab as a punch or a diversion/electromagnetic pulsation/"Fixed Assets and Assassination/satellites to deep missile silos/triggered off by Roy Ayes' xylophone/the chrome Ruger revolver/murderous reverie nostalgia/tigers are not guilty of murder/kill to avoid being chewed on further/Revenge of the Nerds/with an AK-47 rifle/with vibrating metallic sounds of/rounds of ammunition/pounds of Silver Haze in the kitchen

Verse Two:
Fong sent the bong via email/as your train of thought derailed/thin Book Of Life/I might song write the details/inside an enclosed heavily armored/black combat vehicle that's mounted/with cannons and guns and moves on/caterpillar threads includes bombs/pistol parabellum tidal wave of rifle shelling/murderous erie spine tingling/Righteous GunMan/London England/healthy strong and good reefer/old Brownings with ammo feeders/no need for the infra-red laser Face and Nas "Favor for a Favor"/espionage to kill a sergeant/with .22's from Argentina/"30 Second Unattachment/banged out a 30-round drum/some thought I was African/I'm True and Living God


released July 21, 2014
Produced by: Fong Sai U
Recorded at: Spynehitaz Studio
Cover art/graphic design: John Banes
Written and vocals performed by Japreme Magnetic
Japreme Magnetic, LLC (BMI)



all rights reserved


Japreme Magnetic Washington, D.C.

Japreme Magnetic rhymes for real.

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Spectacular #RGM

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