Calculated & Patient

from by Japreme Magnetic



Rappers are copyright infringement
Y'all not women y'all bitched
Can't fuck with
Japreme Magnetic's existence
Break his face vicious
Ice-T at the lemonade stand "read the sign. Delicious."
Will your insurance cover this?
Bullets hit their mark
23 with rubber grips
Firearm artist with your brain paint this canvas
Cannabis florist who's favorite pistol is a Taurus
You need to stop faking on his whereabouts
That amount if money's life changing
I care about investing in the Boxing Store
24 location
700+ is my credit rating
Radiating 1911's for self-protection
Jumping off the Metro bus building and discussing Lessons
Patient with the calculation
Shotgun ammunition tore his face in.

Magazine extension
Some are never coming home from prison
Gut wrenching
Die inside a Metro station basement
"Thought Form" assassination
"Calculated and Patient" (2x).

Strangulation with piano wire
"Calculated and Patient" assassins
Denzil Washington "Man on Fire"
Tired phone-tagging with this bitch already
I painted prison cells with killers called Machete
Jersey John and Huff
Busting my gun out of frustration wasn't enough
Mob Style "I Play Ruff" as shit
Quoted from Joyce Carroll Oates
"You can't play boxing" though
Fuck around and murder your coach.


from Retired Armed Robber, released July 28, 2017
Produced by Japreme Magnetic, Co-produced by Dank



all rights reserved


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