Grand Invincible Feat. Majesty Victorious

from by Japreme Magnetic



M's 1st VERSE 1:
Spit on a knuckle-sandwich and feed it to you
I rocked a one-piece jumper with a pump and a desert eagle
I ain't even starting no trouble
Mentally I disassembled then reassembled the Hubble telescope the pope kissed my handgun
He whispered "Peace to the God" in my eardrum
As I traveled through the Milky Way galaxy
The Samsung executive spoke to me saying Japreme Magnetic
Did this being patient with a line of credit
Peace to my educator Lord Lael
Went on back to the essence when I was aging in a prison cell Love Hell or Right
Light hit the tip of my spliff
It turned the shit orange
Watching tommy Hearns and micheal McCallum sparring
Study sharpness
Sparks and friction "No Religion" nor mental darkness
My physical formation is mu-fucking cosmic
"Atomic Theme" Supreme Mathematics
Born went home from the belly and sent me a package full of percolated coffee
Junk Yard Band and BG cassettes
I'm from DC Northwest
Walking up the steps in 990 new Balances
Entering the Digable planetarium within Shabazz Palaces.

Lord of all worlds.


Grand Invincible

JM's 2nd VERSE:
I'm the 5%er Najee told me that he'll teach against
He was on the street We were on the phone I was in HDM
I went up Brooklyn to seek a record deal
Caught a 9 to 18 term of incarceration Respect the real
Interstate parolee Back home to DC
3 dirty urines 3 water loads (younging)
All from smoking weed (younging)
Freedom caught a new one stabbed his bunkie with a pencil
Wrote me from the box to say he did it off of general principle
I'm not into passing judgement
Sent him $50 wrote and told him that I loved him
I'm at the Parliament
These jive-pretenders on Facebook
Smacked him with the gun-handle His mandible and face shook
Pacis had rocked a Golden Fleece
Traveling in Greece
Ferrari hit the streets
Banes was in his hide-out making beats
I was in between the balance sheets
Non-residential real estate property.

Grand Invincible
Lord of all worlds.


from Retired Armed Robber, released July 28, 2017



all rights reserved


Japreme Magnetic Washington, D.C.

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