The Fresh One

from by Japreme Magnetic



Banking on bio-tech with a better gun connection focused
Shot him up at close-range
His body laid motionless
People watched in horror
Reminding themselves that nobody is promised tomorrow
I'm not a sparring partner
Fuck a glock 42
Or any other .380 them bitches be always jamming
Polo sweater paisley
General cannabis also terra tech is corporate
Remington model 1911 is the four-fifth
Stick-up kid retiree
Northwest DC is my home
Punish you

"The rhythm of the rebel with power to run/you know what it is/The Fresh One" ~ Markie Fresh

Walking towards you I'm while simultaneously discharging
Ammo with a fury for every artist who's starving
True and living God of the ghetto
Fuck a halo
Rimless bottleneck cartridges
7.62 NATO
In a tornado with molecules and also matter
Rhymes providing adequate stopping power to rappers Spectacular RGM
Chin made of granite
People covered up in blood
Moments of panic
Hiding behind the partition didn't stop the ammunition
My rhymes are written in the red letter edition
Black and griffin-grey
Northface boots with installation
Megatron firearm transformation into a Walther P38
Dirty face serial number
I used to write Quixota from a prison slumber.

"Friends, buddies and homegirls/now everybody witness how I rock the world". ~ Dj Mark the 45 King

You came out of retirement for wrong all the wrong reasons
Tarnished your reputation while taking a terrible beating
My tats are older than you younging "Thugs Love It"
Rhyming with my hand around your throat as I rose above 6
Rugged as I does this rocking Dickie work coats
Gangsterism Dutch Schultz
I-God is the culture I'm a man not a vulture
Velcro strap attachment on that black and beautiful belly gun holster
Sculptures of the JM
In the smithsonian
Also in London Righteous GunMan RGM.

"The rhythm of the rebel with power to run/you know what it is/The Fresh One" ~ Markie Fresh


from Retired Armed Robber, released July 28, 2017
Produced by John Banes, Co-Produced by Japreme Magnetic



all rights reserved


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