No Religion Feat. Kasim Allah

from by Japreme Magnetic



"No Religion"
That's black division
No activism
Who co-signed that decision?
To turn the other cheek
And get beat that vision
Keep sheep to sleep the wolves creep in the kitchen
Mind slavery
Divine they claim to be
Coming in the name of a god that never gave me
Nothing but hard times
People that hate me
Dictators slayed me
Blood suckers betrayed me
Tried seduce my woman's mind and find that I will stay me
Tested like Job
But the God never fold
Knowledge of self keeps the soul in control
First degree
So enroll me in your class
I'm a pass fast
Surpass them other cats that drag ass
Peace God
My block be my pulpit
Cock back spit fire got a full clip
The 85's know I'm never gonna slip
The magnetic attract and I help 'em get a grip
That's the duty of a civilized man
To kill all religion in the land.

No religion (3x)
True and living God

Supreme Mathematics Supreme Alphabet
120 Lessons 46 questions 46 answers
And 30 statements manifesting 122 degrees I was last seen
Building in a cipher rocking some 993's
I'm in love with righteousness I sang the Enlightener while lighting a spliff
Online pricing this clip
I never went to Harvard
I got supreme knowledge down Harvard street
Back then beloved I starved for degrees
Divine Cee's 1st born with Add
I used to run up on jive-percenters so I can question them on Mathematics
I'm a mathematician focused
The last I saw Scientific was down Georgia and Otis
I evaporate clouds of deception
5% immortal birth
Earth w/pussy hairs shaved to a crescent moon
I'm in tune with the righteous intellectuals (A-Alike)
Allah listening to Sunny
Playing basketball in dress shoes.

No religion (3x)
True and living God


from Retired Armed Robber, released July 28, 2017
Produced by John Banes



all rights reserved


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