Shotgun on a Budget

from by Japreme Magnetic



Barehanded and chested I sculptured the sphinx in seven days
As a book written in stone
Also leveled gauges at Roman Catholic priests who orchestrated the sales of slaves
Raise you from your mental grave
The fable of Jesus Christ is a profitable superstition
Christmas is a business
Knowledge-ing my rhymes will give you confidence
I study penal codes in the metropolis
Kill a congressmen.

Built my shotgun on a budget.

Keep you in the business end of the barrel
Crushing your esophagus with flat-heads and hollow-tips
The apparel that I wore consisted of some brown and beige Timberlands
I didn't sign with Eminem I signed with Remington
District of Columbian
Spill blood
Real drugs
Pablo Escobar
Thug in the name of Allah
Coroners and foreigners
The time was 3:14 as I ate a slice of
pie formula.

Tactical shotgun training courses.

My life is not a mu-fucking celebration
Brothers in Tribulation the book of Revelation chapter one verse 9 millimeter
10 millimeter
Can't depend on guns that malfunction either
Raw papers are vegan
Reefer mixed with gunpowder ingredients I've always had a need for this [here]
Stitching up the gross and subtle bodies with Etheric tread
Hit you bullet with a bullet yeah.

Built my shotgun on a budget.


from Retired Armed Robber, released July 28, 2017
Produced by Lord Lael. Co-produced by John banes and Japreme Magnetic.



all rights reserved


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